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LAPAN Socialize Education Program in Front of JANAKA
News Writter : Humas/Riri • Photographers : Humas/Riri • 25 Sep 2017

Saturday (09/23), The Second day of Astronomy Club National Jamboree (JANAK) was filled with various activities. One of which was the space and atmospheric socialization which presented speaker of LAPAN Researcher, Gunawan Admiranto, the Head of Public Education Sub-Division, Happy Rumiris Simanungkalit, and Dedy Heriyanto from The Amateur Astronomy Board of Jakarta.

The activities were not only being attended by JANAKA participants but also some invitee such as students and teachers from primary and secondary schools around LAPAN Pasuruan.

As the opening speaker, the Head of Public Education Sub-Division explained LAPAN profile in general, such as LAPAN four competencies, distribution location and achievement that LAPAN has. Happy also explained various activities of education performed by LAPAN. "Space education is important! As we know, it has been 53 years since LAPAN first established, yet we are still far left behind from other countries. The existence of education sub-division has the duty of setting up Indonesian young generation to understand and to apply space science and technology so they could compete on the international level," said her.

Some educational activities conducted by LAPAN are water rocket event by cooperating with Science and Technology Simulation Centre. By doing so, there were participants who got 2nd and 3rd places in the event of 23rd APRSAF Water Rocket Competition. There is also Komurindo-Kombat, an event of competition held by LAPAN annually for higher education (universities) students in Indonesia.

LAPAN Space Debate will also be held to look for the seeds in space science and technology field by exposing them to use English as the international language. The final of such activity will be held on 22nd November of 2017. In this year Space Debate, she hoped that there will be representatives from high school in Pasuruan. Happy revealed the prize for the 1st place that is an educational tour to Satellite Monitoring, Atmospheric Observation, and Remote Sensing Center of Biak.

Another program performed by public education sub-division is coaching clinic. One of the activities that have already taken place and addressed to Gunadarma student in their effort of participating in Cansat Competition in Mongolia. The result was marvellous, such team was successful to reach 2nd place in the said competition. Also, there are exhibition and visit from school and university performed as LAPAN public service.

The message conveyed and as the closing statement in this 2017 JANAKA was "Show to the world that we, Indonesian youth generation is capable and has skilled manpower that could develop space world".

LAPAN Socialize Education Program in Front of JANAKA
25 Sep 2017 •
Saturday (09/23), The Second day of Astronomy Club National Jamboree (JANAK) was filled with various activities. One of which was the space and atmospheric socialization which presented speaker of LAPAN…
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