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LAPAN Ready to Support BNPB Disaster Management
News Writter : Humas/Meg • Photographers : Humas/Meg • 19 Apr 2018

LAPAN conducted a socialization regarding the use of research and engineering results in disaster management. The socialization was followed by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and took place at the office of LAPAN Bandung, West Java, Wednesday (18/4).

Deputy Chairman for Space and Atmospheric Science, Afif Budiyono, said that such activity aimed to escalate the utilization of products and research results of LAPAN by the users, in this case, BNPB. Thus, LAPAN products can be utilized optimally for the public interest. Afif hoped that all of LAPAN research and development result will be connected automatically, so it will be easier for users to access the information related to the disaster.

In the socialization, The Director of Atmospheric Science and Technology Center, Halimurrahman, explained about various products of LAPAN such as Satellite for Disaster Early Warning System (Sadewa). This system is a prototype of LAPAN research and development products based on remote sensing and atmospheric models. The development of this system aims to increase national capacity in the prevention and preparedness of meteorological disasters.

The Director of Space Science Center, Clara Yono Yatini also explained that LAPAN conducts monitoring related to space weather and space debris. This space weather monitoring to provide warnings regarding the effects of space weather on the technology used by humans. For example, when a solar storm could affect radio waves due to impaired reflection. This will certainly interfere with radio communication. Related objects falling into space, LAPAN monitor the possibility of space debris falling to Earth.

In addition to space science and atmosphere, LAPAN also develops a very useful engineering for disaster management. The Director of Aeronautics Technology Center, Gunawan S. Prabowo, said that LAPAN is currently developing unmanned aircraft vehicle (LSU). LAPAN surveillance unmanned aircraft capable of flying with a height of up to 2500 meters above the earth. Such unmanned aircraft has been used for monitoring volcanic eruptions, landslides, environmental damage, floods, and maritime. Data generated from the unmanned aircraft may also serve as a validation of satellite data.

In the field of engineering, LAPAN has also developed three satellites named LAPAN-A1/LAPAN-Tubsat, LAPAN-A2/LAPAN-ORARI, and LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB. The Director of Satellite Technology Center, Mujtahid, said the satellites have the mission for monitoring. The LAPAN-A2 satellite also features a payload from the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI) so it can be used for communication. It is very useful to communicate in an emergency when other communication devices are cut off. The LAPAN satellite also features an Automatic Identification System (AIS) that can identify ships.

In the field of remote sensing, LAPAN strengthens the Disaster Mitigation Information System (Simba). The Director of Remote Sensing Utilization Center, Dr. Rokhis Khomarudin, said that the role of remote sensing is very significant for disasters and law enforcement. There are seven LAPAN remote sensing based information systems such as fire rating system, hotspot monitoring, flood potency information, flood potential information and drought in rice cultivation area, volcanic eruption information, fire smog and burnt land information, and drought analysis in Indonesian territory.

In supporting the remote sensing based disaster data, LAPAN also provides National Remote Sensing Data Bank. Currently, LAPAN has satellite imagery with the varying resolution from low to very high which is very useful in disaster management. In fact, The Director of Remote Sensing Technology and Data Center, Dedi Irawadi, said that LAPAN is also developing a system of presenting data in a popular, fast, and safe way.

All LAPAN research and development products are ready to be utilized to assist in handling the disaster. BNPB Deputy of Prevention and Preparedness, Bernadus Wisnu Widjaja, said that the results of LAPAN's research and development are closely related to the performance of BNPB. He said, there are still many problems of disaster that must be sought way out. Example of the problems is the demand of unmanned aircraft that can fly with altitudes above 3500 meters from the surface of the Earth. In the future, Wisnu hoped that there will be the synergy among agencies will be stronger in the research of disaster problems.

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