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LAPAN Supports Indonesia Maritime Development through its Four Main Competencies
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Public Relations Coordination Agency Thematic Forum (Badan Koordinasi Hubungan Masyarakat, Bakohumas) was held on Wednesday (12/07) at the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Jakarta. The meeting was used to disseminate information about the 22nd National Technology Awakening Day (Hari Kebangkitan Teknologi Nasional, Hakteknas) celebration that will be held in Makassar on August 10-13.

Hakteknas that will be held on this August will be enlivened with the theme of Maritime-Based Development Activities. While the subtheme taken is the Role of Human Resources and the Innovation in Maritime Development of Indonesia, with the tagline Surge the Innovation!

In Bakohumas meeting, General Director of Innovation Strengthening of Kemenristekdikti, Jumain Appe conveyed related policies and programs on research results and innovation strengthening dissemination. He said Indonesia has the potential to increase non-tax revenues up to 25 trillion rupiahs per year that has not been utilized from fishing resources and non-fishing resources.

The condition is, approximately 70% of national oil and gas production comes from coastal areas and oceans. "In 2012, Indonesia's fish production is ranked 2nd in the world. While Indonesia's coral reefs of 85,000 square kilometers," he explained.

LAPAN supports maritime sector through 4 (four) main competencies of LAPAN, covering the field of space and atmospheric science, remote sensing, aeronautics and space technology, and aeronautics and space policy studies. To carry out such key competencies, LAPAN carries out major programs focusing on seven major programs of LAPAN.

The LAPAN's flagship program is the development of satellite technology, aeronautical technology (transport plane and marine monitoring system based on unmanned aircraft), rocket for satellite launching, remote sensing data bank, national earth monitoring system, decision support system of equatorial atmospheric dynamics, and the space weather decision support system and monitoring system (national observatory).

LAPAN develops R & D products that can be utilized in the maritime sector for Natural Resources (Sumber Daya Alam, SDA) and the environment managements. LAPAN has declared the Development of Maritime Monitoring System based on Aeronautical and Space Science and Technology. Its function is for the monitoring of natural resources and environment. Some information systems that have been applied to public interest include Maritime Broadcasting System (Sistem Embaran Maritim, SEMAR), Automatic Identification System (AIS), Potential Fishing Zone (Zona Potensi Penangkapan Ikan, ZPPI), and Maritime Surveillance System (MSS).

To enliven the celebration, LAPAN will present the exhibition of its R & D results. In addition to the exhibition booth filled with various products related to the information system, such as a decision support system (Decision Support System), LAPAN will also present various aeronautics and space products. Some of the information materials in the exhibition will be the LISA (Line Imager Satellite Application) LAPAN-A2 and A3 Satellite, various mock-ups of unmanned aircraft, satellites, and also the infographic of LAPAN research activities.

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