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LAPAN Ready to Down Stream Research & Development Result
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LAPAN held Aerospace Development Plan and Techno Park (ATP) FGD in Antariksa Meeting Room, LAPAN Headquarter, Jakarta, Thursday (07/09). "This is for preparation of Aeronautics Technology Utilization Center (Pusfatekgan) revitalization into Aeronautics and Space Innovation and Standard Center (Pusat Inovasi dan Standar Penerbangan dan Antariksa, Pusispan)," said the Head of Pusfatekgan, Yuliantini Erowati.

This is not only for plainly reviewing or creating a master plan, but also can accommodate and unite the perception regarding the whole needs for building a Science Techno Park, commonly known as STP. STP itself is the intermediation between technology producers with users.

The Chairman of LAPAN, Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin hoped, LAPAN can learn from LIPI experience in down streaming its productive R & D and patent results so that public can utilize it. Researchers and engineers of LAPAN will be no more marketing their own product as it will be managed by Pusispan.

To prepare such mechanism, LAPAN has two important assets to be made as a part of ATP development. Such assets located on Jl. Iskandar Sah (Jakarta) and Ciater (West Java).

Regarding its preparations, LAPAN has the vision named "To be the Center of Excellence of Aeronautics and Space to Manifest an Independent and Developed Indonesia”. Two characteristics of a Center of Excellence are superior in the terms of competence (publications, products technology, patents, and etc.) and superior in the terms of services (products technology can serve public). "So there is a balance between R & D results which showing LAPAN competence with R & D results service. It will manifest good quality services," he added.

Then he was directing that there must be service aspects issued by all LAPAN technical work units. LAPAN must produce technological innovation, patents, and product derived from its seven main programs implemented by LAPAN technical work units (LAPAN’s Centers).

Aeronautics product should be driven to produce various types of unmanned aircraft that will be produced by PT. Mandiri Mitra Muhibbah. Another challenge is transportation aircraft that should be utilized by stakeholders, ranging from the development of N-219, N245, and then the variation of N-219.

In the field of Satellite, the rocket for the launch of LAPAN A4 series is currently being set. Furthermore, the development of A5 series will be cooperating with Chiba University and is planned to be carrying a radar payload. Then, LAPAN will develop operational satellite. LAPAN has a dream of developing National Remote Sensing satellites that require budget of approximately 5 trillion rupiah. The strategy is, for the next 5-10 years, LAPAN will develop micro satellite with affordable cost estimation no higher than 100 billion rupiah. So LAPAN will stay in developing the satellite to be the constellation satellite.

"It is the time for the technology transfer to be directed for industry and developed for various utilizations. There is the possibility for LAPAN to develop communication satellite. As for putting satellites in GSO position is not allowed anymore, it is possible for placement in low orbit, and that should be enough for micro satellite," he explained.

In the field of remote sensing, LAPAN increases its service not just plainly selling data but also information. It needs Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) involvement as the growing demands extend in various aspects. With the development of technology information, R & D products can no longer be generated by our own but should be produced by said SMEs.

atmospheric science, LAPAN developed a weather radar by cooperating with PT. INTI.

Related to the field of space science, we are no more talking about weather condition on Earth but we shall inform space weather. As the technology based on space has been dominating modern society. Nowadays, there are some countries which give no free service, but commercialization. Related to

FGD was presenting interviewees from LIPI and Kemenristekdikti. Head of Innovation Center of LIPI, Prof. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman shared his experience in STP development. He explained how the formation and management of which is, basic elements required, as well as patent management regarding the results of R & D towards commercialization.

While Director of Science and Technology Regions and Other Supporting Institution of Kemenristekdikti, Dr. Lukito Hasta P. delivered the policy about STP and Institution. He emphasized the primary function of STP, terms of service, and performance indicator showing the value of a successful STP.

The Chairman of LAPAN hoped that this meeting can be the guidelines for LAPAN. Pusispan is built to be the TTO (Technology Transfer Office) for LAPAN innovation products. "The experience opened our discourse of how to produce and patent our innovation. We have to learn in advancing our innovation without a doubt. Then the researchers and LAPAN engineers must understand their rights and obligations and how to manage said patents," said him in the closing statement.

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