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Cooperation between LAPAN-South Kalimantan Provincial Government: Utilizing Remote Sensing in Advancing Regional Area
News Writter : Humas/AP • Photographers : Humas/AP • 08 Sep 2017 • Read : 8731 x ,

Friday (08/09), was held the signing of Cooperation Agreement (MCC) between LAPAN with South Kalimantan Provincial Government. This event held in Mangala Room Meeting, LAPAN Headquarter, Rawamangun, Jakarta. The script was signed by the Director of Cooperation, Public Relation, and General Affair Bureau of LAPAN (Biro KSHU), Christianus Dewanto and the Head of South Kalimantan Regional Development Planning Agency, Fajar Desira.

Attending the event were Head of Technology and Remote Sensing Data Center (Pustekdata), Dedi Irrawaddy, Head of Remote Sensing Utilization Center (Pusfatja), Dr. Rokhis Komarudin, Head of Aeronautics and Space Policy Study Center, Agus Hidayat, Head of Human Resources Development Agency of South Kalimantan, Muhammad Niswani, Head of Legal Bureau of South Kalimantan Provincial Government, Ahmad Fydayeen, along with the officials of LAPAN and South Kalimantan Provincial Government.

The signing was opened by The Director of KSHU and was continued with the explanation about LAPAN by Head of Pusfatja, particularly regarding the programs and the scope of activities performed by Pustekdata and Pusfatja.

Rokhis explained the Presidential Instructions Number 6 of 2012 on remote sensing and Law No. 21 In 2013 on space conduct. He also explained partners of LAPAN that have been cooperating in the field of remote sensing data utilization as well as other fields. The stakeholders are BIG, BMKG, BNN, Pushidrosal, and some users from other ministries, agencies, police, military, and regional government.

Comprehensively, the Head of Pusfatja, together with the Head of Pustekdata explained various benefits and usage of remote sensing satellite imagery. The benefits are such as the inventory of natural resources and environment, disaster management, input for the basic mapping, defence and security, climate change, and other strategic interests.

The Head of South Kalimantan Regional Development Planning Agency of South Kalimantan really appreciated LAPAN in the provision of remote sensing satellite data which his side demanded. The event was closed with the signing of Cooperation Agreement. The Cooperation Agreement contains the scope of works regarding the provision of remote sensing satellite data, the usage of data, remote sensing technology and geographic information system, as well as human resource capacity improvement.

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