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Timau National Observatory to Advance Eastern Indonesia
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Wednesday (08/11), LAPAN held a Timau National Observatory Seminar at Indriya Bhuwana Building, Remote Sensing Technology and Data Center, Jakarta. The event was held as a means of coordination between institutions and stakeholders to prepare various things for the realization of the observatory development.

LAPAN, by cooperating with Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Nusa Cendana University (UNdana), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Provincial Government, and Kupang Regency, will build a modern space observation facility in Timau. The aforementioned largest observatory in Southeast Asia will be built on Mount Timau, Kupang, NTT with a target of completion is in 2020.

In his report, Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Emmanuel Sungging says, Timau Observatory is a space observation facility. The observatory has a telescope facility with a diameter of 3,8 meters. The location is planned to be a place of an international space science research center. At the same time, educational facility, which is Space Science Center, will be built there.

To maintain the preservation of nature, the long-term planning concept in the development of the observatory is formulated. LAPAN synergizes with various parties in the development of the new tourist area. The area surrounding the observatory is also developed as the area of the National Dark Sky Park. This will be an area that attracts tourists, to enjoy the beauty of nature and the sky at night.

This seminar was themed "National Observatory and Science Center for Regional Empowerment and Science and Technology Development". The event was presenting the International Expert Consultant at Kyoto University, Dr. Mikio Kurita, Premana Permadi and Dr. Mahasena Putra from ITB, and Dr. Frans Gana from Nusa Cendana University of Kupang. In this event was also presented various inputs from the Ministry of National Development Planning/ National Development Planning Agency, Ministry of Forestry and Environmental Affair, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and Ministry of Tourism.

The series of seminars was officially opened by the Chairman of LAPAN, Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin. Present at the event were representatives from MoHA, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Village Development of Disadvantageous Regions, and Transmigration, LAPAN researchers, as well as representatives of universities, regional apparatus, community representatives, and other institutions.

The Director of the Atmospheric Science Center, Clara Y. Yatini, described the history of the development of Timau Observatory, started with the signing of a cooperation agreement in 2015. It is hoped that the seminar can generate more cooperation with various partners so that it can spur the development of science and technology and development of Timau National Observatory.

Regent of Kupang, Ayub Titu Eki said, with the existence of the observatory, various social problems and poverty are slowly resolved so that regional economic progress can be accelerated. "Development of the observatory can minimize communication gaps between villages in eastern Indonesia," he said.

So, he invited the public to maintain the existence and function of the observatory so it can preserve for a long time. To that extent, he ordered that there must be science and technology applied along with the local cultural wisdom. It is not only to gain profits, but also to maintain the customs and culture in the surrounding environment.

He hoped that in the discussions that will be built later, the authority and functions to set boundaries in each environment are defined.

The Director of Industrial Technology Development of Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Dr. Eng. Hotmatua Daulay also expects that the development of the observatory affects the products of technology, investment, and innovation that can be utilized not only by the limited circle of space science researchers alone.

According to him, the development of the observatory must balance with competent human resources for the next few decades. The observatory can be a starting point for the acceleration of Indonesia's progress. So it must be well prepared, not to fail in the middle of the development, so that Indonesia becomes left behind with other neighbouring countries.

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