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Indonesia Biggest Full Motion Antenna Optimizes Satellite Data Reception
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LAPAN officially inaugurated the full motion S-X Band Mission Control Center antenna. Such antenna having a diameter of 11.28 meters is the largest in Indonesia. Such inauguration was conducted by The Chairman of LAPAN, Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin, Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives, Nawafi Saleh, and Director General for Research and Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Muhammad Dimyati. The event took place at LAPAN Satellite Technology Center, Bogor, West Java, on Tuesday (3/4).

In the event, LAPAN also signed MOUs with various agencies. Said agencies were Telkom, Bogor Agricultural Institute, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS), Syah Kuala University, Surya University, and Bandar Lampung University. In addition, was also carried out the submission of the land certificate from the Head of the National Land Agency (BPN) Bogor District to the Head of Satellite Technology Center.

The Chairman of LAPAN in his speech said that the antenna is the manifestation of the satellite technology development. He explained that the development of satellites in LAPAN started from LAPAN-A1 / LAPAN-Tubsat satellite launched in 2007. The satellite was capable of operating up to six years when in theory the age was estimated to be only three years. "Later, in 2015, LAPAN launched the next generation of satellites, the LAPAN-A2 / LAPAN-ORARI. In 2016, LAPAN launched LAPAN-A3 / LAPAN-IPB satellite," he said.

He continued with the current satellites, LAPAN-A4 and LAPAN-A5 that are being developed. For LAPAN-A5, its development is in collaboration with Chiba University for the use of mini radar in microsatellites. The Chairman of LAPAN hopes, LAPAN-A4 can be launched in 2020, while LAPAN-A5 in 2022.

After 2022, satellite development enters the operational phase. The Chairman of LAPAN said, the plan, LAPAN will develop operational micro-satellite class of 150 kilograms. This kind of satellite is more realistic to be realized because the cost is bearable. Moreover, the current global trend leads to the development of low-operated microsatellites. Later, LAPAN will have several satellites operating in the constellation. Early-generation operational satellites will have remote sensing. Next step will be LAPAN developing operational satellite communication mission.

To accelerate the realization of the satellite, LAPAN cooperates with PT Telkom. In addition, LAPAN also cooperates with various universities to strengthen the competence of both parties. For LAPAN, such cooperation can improve the competence of human resources and for universities to strengthen its research.

The Chairman of LAPAN said that the cooperation with PT Telkom is the manifestation of the mandate in Act Number 21 of 2013 on Space Conduct. In such Act, it is mentioned that the activities of space include space science, remote sensing, the mastery of space technology, satellite launch, and commercialization. Cooperation with industry and the private sector is part of the commercialization of aeronautics and space science and technology.

Such antenna can receive two frequencies, S and X bands, and it can perform transmission at S-band frequency. The antenna functions to download data from LAPAN-A2 / LAPAN-ORARI satellite and LAPAN-A3 / LAPAN-IPB satellite data in the form of image data. This antenna can also receive Automatic Identification System (AIS) data derived from ships worldwide. Moreover, this antenna is also compatible to download data from overseas satellites or satellites working on that frequency. The antenna is also designed to be able to receive and transmit next generation LAPAN satellite data.

With the presence of this antenna, LAPAN satellite mission operations and other satellite data reception are hoped to run optimally. This is a step forward in realizing the achievement of technological independence in Indonesia.

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