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LAPAN R & D Results to Increase Kelapa Island Welfare
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Friday (06/04), LAPAN held socialization of R & D results to the people living in Kelapa Island. The socialization took place at the Karang Taruna Meeting Hall of Kelapa Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta. This activity Is the means to introduce LAPAN research products that can be utilized by the local community. Attending the event was Ivan Doly Gultom, Member of Commission VII DPR RI.

The presentation was presented by The Director of Cooperation, Public Relations, and General Affair Bureau, Christianus R. Dewanto. He opened the discussion by explaining the organizational structure of LAPAN as a research institute in the field of aeronautics and space that the implementation of duties and functions directly responsible to the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

He explained, LAPAN has five activities; the space science, the remote sensing, the mastery of space technology, the space launch, and the commercial activities of space. To facilitate these activities, LAPAN has research locations spread throughout Indonesia. These areas range from Kototabang, Pontianak, Pasuruan, Parepare, Biak, and several locations in Jakarta and West Java, as well as site development plans in Kupang, NTT.

The Director of Cooperation, Public Relation, and General Affair Bureau began by introducing the benefits of research in the field of space and atmospheric science conducted by LAPAN. The activities include monitoring of space junk and the integrated information systems built in order to be accessible directly to the public.

"Currently, LAPAN has managed an information system called Space Weather Information and Forecast Services (SWIFts) to monitor solar activity, geomagnetic activity, ionosphere activity, navigation, HF radio communications, and satellite. There is still another information system packaged as a decision support system, for example for hydrometeorological disaster information and maritime activities," he added.

In aeronautics technology, LAPAN researches the rocket, satellites, and aeronautics (manned and unmanned aircraft) technologies. "LAPAN's big achievements in this field are LAPAN has built satellites (LAPAN-A1 to LAPAN-A3) positioned in orbit. The satellites have been used for monitoring earth, radio communications, and monitoring the movement of ships crossing the territory of Indonesia. Including, the satellite can monitor the illegal activities of foreign ships suspected of stealing fish in the territory of Indonesia.

LAPAN also manages satellite imagery data be it the data reception, processing, acquisition, and also the distribution of satellite images to be utilized by the people of Indonesia. In his explanation, remote sensing satellite imagery data is useful for land monitoring such as agriculture, plantations, volcanic activity, flooding, and marine areas. "The benefits are great for providing information and great potential in developing natural resources, tourism, and other information related to the disaster," Chris said.

LAPAN has also developed National Remote Sensing Data Bank. With such databank, LAPAN is appointed as the only institution that performs data management in the field of remote sensing. The data is provided free of charge to government agencies following the mechanism set forth in the Act.

Among the information systems developed in the field of remote sensing, one of them is Potential Fishing Zone (ZPPI). This system is useful for fishermen to monitor the marine areas that have potential sources of fish.

"Now, fishermen going to the sea are no longer ‘looking for fish’ but they ‘catch’ fish," Chris said. This is because the system will provide information about the area that is detected having much fish. This is analysed through sea surface temperature measurements and chlorophyll detection. "Thus, this will greatly benefit fishermen, at least it can save time and cost in producing fish," he added.

At the end of the presentation, the Christianus advised, LAPAN ready to serve information to promote the people in Kelapa Island. He hoped that LAPAN R & D products will provide great benefits for the welfare of Kelapa Island people.

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