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Pulau Kelapa Elementary School Students Visit LAPAN
News Writter : Humas/EN • Photographers : Humas/Ir • 13 May 2018 • Read : 2190 x ,

A total of 37 sixth graders and 23 teachers of Public Elementary School 02 in Kelapa Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, visited LAPAN Headquarters in Rawamangun, Jakarta, on Friday (11/5). The principal, Rustini, said that the purpose of such visit was to learn more about LAPAN and to provide motivation and knowledge for the students. Thus, the students get enlightenment and insight about the science job performed in LAPAN.

The Head of Administration and Protocol Sub-Division, Noer Laela Sari, representing LAPAN said that LAPAN has the duty to provide information to the younger generation. Also, LAPAN is open for visit.

On that visit, a representative from LAPAN, Mega Mardita explained about research and development activities in LAPAN. She explained the importance to master science and technology of aeronautics and space, as the technology is very useful for human daily life. The example of the utilization is through satellite, people can use mobile phones and GPS. In addition, space technology is also very useful in banking, health care, disaster mitigation, agriculture, and maritime.

She continued, LAPAN has four main competencies. The first, related to space science and atmosphere, is the study of the Earth's atmosphere of objects in space, these objects can be objects such as sun and moon. LAPAN predicts space weather, like a solar storm. This solar storm has no effect on the life of living beings on earth, but can affect sophisticated technology such as satellites, navigation, and electricity. LAPAN also conducts monitoring of space debris. Related to atmospheric research, LAPAN monitors weather and atmospheric conditions to minimize the impact of hydrometeorologics disasters such as extreme rain, storms, floods, landslides, and drought.

The next competence is related to science and technology of aeronautics and space. The products of this technology are satellite, rocket, and airplane. Mega explained that the rocket is a vehicle for launching satellites into space. Currently LAPAN has built three satellites that have launched into space. The satellites are LAPAN-A1/LAPAN-Tubsat, LAPAN-A2/LAPAN-ORARI, and LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB. The satellites are used for Earth monitoring. Even LAPAN A2 and A3 satellites can identify ships.

In the aeronautics field, LAPAN is working with Indonesian Aerospace to develop N219 aircraft for 19 passengers. The aircraft is designed to take off and land on short runways making it suitable for transportation on small islands. In addition to the aircraft, LAPAN has also developed an unmanned aircraft or LAPAN Surveillance UAV (LSU). Such UAV can travel for 200 kilometers and fly for three hours. LAPAN-made LSU has been used for monitoring of volcanoes, floods and landslides.

The third competence is in the field of remote sensing. LAPAN has a duty to provide satellite imagery. The imagery is used for various needs such as environmental, coastline, coral reefs, illegal logging, plantations, agriculture, urban areas, fishing zones, mountains and forest fires monitoring. The image is also very useful in disaster mitigation and handling.

The last competency is the Aeronautics and Space Policy Studies. In this field, LAPAN conducts studies related to the activity which includes space, such as economic, political, social, and legal. The review has also given birth to Act Number 21 of 2013 on Space Conducts. The law could be the means for the advancement of aeronautics and space science and technology.

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