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Indonesia Builds Observatory Center with Largest Telescope in Southeast Asia
Penulis : Ani Hasanah • Media : voinews.id • 23 May 2018 • Dibaca : 2928 x ,

Head of National Aeronautics and Space Agency - LAPAN, Prof. Thomas Djamaluddin M.Sc, said that LAPAN will build a national observatory center in Mount Timau, East Nusa Tenggara. To RRI World Service-Voice of Indonesia, Monday (21/5) he explained, that the development is a cooperation between LAPAN, Bogor Agricultural Institute and Cendana University. In addition to the center of the observatory, the science center will also be built in Kupang. Mount Timau, East Nusa Tenggara was chosen as the location of national observatory center because it has the longest sunny night, no light pollution and good access. Currently, the construction is in the telescope-making step which started since the beginning of this year.

“We have signed a contract with a Japanese company to create a 3.8 meter telescope that will be the largest telescope in Southeast Asia. While the process is done in Japan, it is targeted to complete until the end of 2019, shipped to Indonesia to be installed at the telescope building. We are targetting it can be operated at the beginning of 2020,” Thomas Djamaluddin said.


Thomas Djamaluddin furthermore said, that the telescope at the observatory will have the latest and efficient technology. It will be used for astrophysical research related to star observations, nebulae and galaxy structures. It is hoped the telescope can contribute a better understanding of the universe to the people. In addition, the telescope is also located in the equator so that it can observe the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. Therefore, it can be utilized for international cooperation especially with the northern countries like Japan, Europe and America. With its long history of astronomical research since 1923, Indonesia is considered the most experienced country in astronomical research, so it can invite countries in Southeast Asia to cooperate. Currently Thailand and the Philippines are also build large telescopes, so that research cooperation with the countries can be implemented. (VOI/SEKAR/NT)

Sumber : http://voinews.id/index.php/component/k2/item/1568-indonesia-builds-observatory-center-with-largest-telescope-in-southeast-asia

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