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Remote Sensing Data to Support the National Development Priorities
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LAPAN, as The National Remote Sensing Data Bank and National and Provincial Earth Monitoring System, has optimized the provision of data and information quickly, accurately, and easily. The data is then used by ministries, government agencies, and regional governments in various fields, especially to support national development.

LAPAN has an important role as a government research and development institution. LAPAN is expected to support the acceleration of national development priorities. This is the main focus of the discussion at the 5th National Remote Sensing Seminar which took place at The Margo Hotel, Depok, West Java (31/08). The theme of this seminar is “The Utilization of the Remote Sensing Science and Technology to Support the Achievement of National Development Priority Targets”.

In his remarks during the opening ceremony, The Chairman of LAPAN, Prof. Thomas Djamaluddin said that "LAPAN has the ability to obtain very high-resolution satellite imagery data which is expected to help in accelerating the national development priorities".

Furthermore, Prof. Thomas also encouraged LAPAN to continue synergizing with researchers, engineers, academics, and users in order to improve the acquisition of image quality and its processing to be more optimal.

Then, The Director of Higher Education, Science, Technology, and Culture, Amich Alhumami, as the main speaker said that the role of science and technology is very critical to helping to achieve national development programs. According to him, 2018's national development priorities focus on equal and qualified distribution. Thus, with the existence of LAPAN and the support of the utilization of satellite data and ground station facilities, it is expected that it can help the efficiency of the budget.

This is in accordance with the presentation from The Deputy Chairman for Remote Sensing Affair, Dr. Orbita Roswintiarti, regarding the achievements and utilization in remote sensing satellite image data processing. In his presentation, Orbita said that currently, LAPAN has cooperated with various ministries, institutions, universities, and the private sector related to the utilization of remote sensing technologies such as the utilization of potential fishing zones, land cover, and hotspots.

Other examples of the utilization of remote sensing satellite image data that has been carried out by LAPAN including housing and settlement. The data and information are used for the mapping for housing or settlement development planning. In the field of business development and tourism, remote sensing data are utilized to map Special Economic Zones and Priority Industrial Zones. In the field of food security, the data is utilized for mapping of paddy field, harvest area prediction, and irrigation. In addition, remote sensing data also have a big role in infrastructure development and disaster management.

This seminar is an annual event open to researchers, engineers, academics, and remote sensing practitioners in Indonesia. With this seminar, it is hoped that there will be a real contribution in supporting the achievement of national development priority targets in Indonesia in 2018 and in the oncoming years.

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